Annotated Site Plan of La Machine de Marly

The Plan is from 1727 (pavillon Du Barry [1771] not yet constructed)
1. The Machine (plan)

4. Controller Housing
5. Machine Forges
6. Road to Port Marly
7. The Seine River
8. Mid-Slope Relay Pump
9. Chapel
10. Mid-Slope Reservoir
11. Machine Boundry Wall
12. Cross-arm Pumping Transfer Mechanisms
13. Pipes to the Final Relay Pumps
14. Pavillon of M. de la Ville, Engineer of the Machine
15. Final Relay Pumps
16. Forges of the Final Relay Pumps
17. Property of M. Cavois
18. Pipes Bringing In Spring Water

Scale is in Toises, about 6 feet each.
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